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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Observation and Research

Observations along with their grand paradoxes as the heart of research along with the existing well developed scientific research can help humanity a great deal.

Your profile looks great and the areas of research are also vast.

In terms of scope the width and depth of study to be done in these domains is almost infinite, as is the case in many other domains of proper scientific research, either through reverse engineering or through macro analysis and magnified observation of micro details.

This is a more notes of apology from my part that I have not done any in depth academically based scientific research as such but rather proceed almost like any other layman through mere unbiased observation of working and workable models in different places or regions with enormous contextual influence and impact on the models.

So, predominantly and consciously I strive for observing without any fixed frames of references or scales of observations [two great inevitable inconsistencies of perception-{1}] and express the observations in generalities rather than specific and pointed study based results.

In the process of observation I also do not confuse information for knowledge and knowledge for experience and thought and ideas formulated based on these for wisdom as these may inadvertently lead to an arrogance which may create unassailable prejudice, petrified presumption and start projecting these as panacea.

The most important fact of humility is that nothing is a panacea in this world [2].

Unbiased observation when used not as a mere articulation of two words or appropriated as a mere label but when actually practiced involves two enormous paradoxes:-

One, to stand detached from the thing observed [because I am often reminded of what M.Singer has once said, “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind you are the one who hears it”] and

Two, to become an intrinsic part of the thing observed [You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.―A. Watts]

But once anyone is able to perform this difficult task then multiple facets of reality based on facts are revealed, serendipity showers unsolicited her generous bounty for us to discover and delight in.

Ultimately progress happens and change takes place for different or better evolutionary growth only when as Gerry Spence puts it, “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.”, or as H. Jackson Brown, Jr puts it across "Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Never overestimate your power to change others".

There are no absolutes to something as temporary or mortal as life and if  there is any constant that is ‘Change’ in all spheres of life that we see around.

So, ultimately data drilling will continue and must continue and data driven processes have also to be inevitably adopted for various reasons rather than making contextually irrelevant claims of good old days because we need to look at new horizons and try to live beyond even chronological and calendared lives.

"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory." - Franklin Pierce Adams

Most things are also impacted by our perspective [3] besides perception and attitudes.

With this preamble I would like to share links [which may lead to further links so you need lot of time to read ] to some of my writings based on such observations in areas of your interest and focus because anyone coming in contact with me can easily get diverted into too many desultory hobbies.

In many of these observations I have noticed that every activity/issue/policy was imbued with many incondite [adj. consisting of parts which are ill composed] elements/aspects.

For example many successful Indian public sector companies and even private sector big enterprises had these aspects:-

Some of my general observations of the very fast paced modern day economics are

I also feel it would be helpful to learn to make any writing on science more interesting by reading  the following books because when writing is a mixture of rationality, reality , research to reveal something or a resource to reach some realization through unbiased philosophical inquiry then such writings become the most impact and romantic literary pieces.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The coconut water conundrum?

The coconut water conundrum?

Any technological or scientific modification in any aspect of agricultural process introduced to enhance production, to fulfill the excessive demands of consumption due to ever growing population, especially at cultivation stage may have at least some side effects and may also alter certain metabolic structures but it is wise to adopt, among the many options, those technological or scientific processes which enhance with minimum negative impact in terms of side effects.

Of late I came to know through some villagers that they get big tender coconut with lot of coconut water in it and that too they are able to harvest it within 30 to 35 days.

There is a practice almost for more than 3 decades wherein insecticides for coconut trees are injected through the roots along with many other minerals and vitamins because it is more effective and through osmosis it ensures that all parts of the tree are protected because spraying insecticides especially for coconut tree leaves is difficult.

So, this process is adopted more in areas where the leaves become dry and vulnerable to insects which make many holes in leaves and render all leaves almost dry, brownish and with multiple holes and rendering chlorophyll depletion.

But according to reliable sources that there were gadgets some years ago which studied the presence or absence of toxic insecticide present in tender coconut water of such trees and it was advised to farmers that they must preferably harvest them only after 50 days to ensure that the toxicity levels are either low or nil.

However, to my knowledge there has not been any study done on how these externally injected pesticides metabolize inside and what compounds they create? Because I suspect consuming tender coconut water as a very good thing for kidney due to the presence of some things like excess of Celica and some similar compounds may end up causing kidney stones.

Some villagers have a very interesting habit, out of some rural wisdom and may not be scientifically proven, of gulping down a cup of diluted lime juice or a few tea spoons of raw lime juice after consuming tender coconut water to neutralize the side effects of such chemical compounds!!! I really do not know much less understand the wisdom of this practice.

I would like the scientific community to enlighten on this as in present day while there is one section which is totally careless about their health and become sponsors of health care industry and another section who are health and fitness freaks who consume whatever is labeled as good for health, mostly in large quantities too. When people consume tender coconut water in good faith and end up with kidney stones it really hurts, instead they would have been better off drinking beer.

Are Auxin, Cytokinins, Gibberellins injected and if so has any scientific study conducted about how they metabolize inside the coconut water and ultimately what further metabolism takes place inside the human body.  

What happens to Gamakas and proper speed

What happens to Gamakas and proper speed

Bombay Jayashree’s album of Syama satri’s kritis released in the last week of Ausust 2015 [ I would suggest you to listen to this after listening to all the rest or preferably not to listen to listen to this-] and it popped up in someone’s old memories stuff of FB and that took me into a nostalgic journey of very old memories nostalgia and nuances of rendering certain ragas.

The beauty and unique aspect of Carnatic music is the subtle nuances that Gamakas [1]  can produce which can literally touch certain nerve center in a very aesthetic and hyper sensitive way the nectar of  its sweetness make us swarm around like the irresistible bees.

Besides, every raga and composition has its own unique stamp through the pace at which it must be rendered.

Though Caranatic music is predominantly manodharma based but at the same time this basic fabric of Gamakas and proper pace will ooze the essence of musical quality which can get contaminated with unwanted frills, excessive stress or pause and different speeds.

In this it is purely a matter of sensitive that the listening mind not ears not culture but the mind develops over the years and which cumulatively goes on to develop into taste or prejudice and sometimes both as two sides of the same coin.

Most of Shyama Sastri’s compositions are meant to be rendered and savored in vilambit kal or chowka kalam or for the exclusive Anglophones ‘ slow speed’ more so a raga like Punnagavarali and the composition kanaka saila. One day some 25 years back I listened to the same song rendered by  Maharapuram Santhnam at least 20 times on the same day till it permeated into every cell of my body.

Listen here item number 8 in the link with his natural blend of power of his guttural passage and the mellifluous melody from the tip of his mouth and sound waves just touching the bottom of nasal passage too every now and then this is a great voice culture technique otherwise nasal sounds will dominate [more on this technique later on] 

Devi brova samayamide by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna

For example for Bhairavi wonderful swarajathi kamakshi a master piece in bhairavi with swarkshra that is every stanza starts with a swara in that order with swarasthanam and that jells with the lyrics in sound like by MD.Ramanathan

or Prince Rama Varma

[1] For want a much better way to explain Gamakas I came up with this

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Over active Judiciary and the restive reactionaries

Over active Judiciary and the restive reactionaries

The following is my comments to this article

Invariably in most debates on judicial over reach two major issues are getting entangled and are engaged in a tug of war.

One judicial over reach or judicial activism and two ideological extremism of the Left and the Right [both are trying to defend some indefensible status quo in certain activities where they have problems in adopting to change due to their ideological fixations or  traditional practices] and these two along with  India's dubious political outfit [ a sinking boat] which has appropriated the label of center of the Left and Right because it tends to change its sails in the direction where it presumes the winds blow favorably- a totally opportunistic political outfit whose only principle is expediency.

The ultimate casualty is common sense, common good and humane concern for social welfare.

Besides it also diverts the whole public attention and public debate from more vital priorities, mostly ignored for many centuries due to various reasons, like better economic prosperity for maximum number of people, good governance and creating a prosperous welfare state where living is pleasant journey and life is more comfortable.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Judges and Indian Judiciary


Ideology Peddling


History and politcs


Global governance is a good idea but a greater idea must be global concern

Global governance is a good idea but a greater idea must be global concern

Global aspirations must be inspired by universal and humane attitudes towards all for the benefit of everything including the whole environment taking into consideration the inevitable regional varieties and group identities as well as individual aspirations.

The word global too, unfortunately, become a much misused term by some vested interest groups who have covered up many deeds of international manipulations through creating homogeneity and to push through their hidden agenda of hegemony.

Most of us, obviously, review all existing problems and pleasures using our available or anchored identities of religions with all their scriptures, political systems with all their ideologies and so on.

This is perhaps the tool that we tend to see because the problems basically originated from these pools of knowledge and ideas and so we think that the solutions also must be available somewhere there so that we can recycle all the waste in those domains and create new toys with different names. But unfortunately that does not work that way.

I, like many other souls, on earth, have felt the need for happy co existence of humans all over the planet along with all other species and as a species actually contributing positively and more effectively for enhancing and making life more enjoyable and enlightened due to some unique faculties that human species possess over the rest and the huge advantage that science and technology offer to us.

However, the story is otherwise. We have complicated our life too much with excessive love for external identities and contaminated our thinking by interpreting all well meaning models of our ancestors by looking at through perverted and negative perspective and are perennially enjoy a sadistic pleasure from projecting a paranoiac bleak future.

If at all there is any method which can at least move in the direction of effecting the necessary changes to all these problems, then, it has to inevitable start with again some idea of global thinking, global attitude, global rules and regulations and so on.

But the problem arises as to in which areas of human life and nature can a global agenda or regulation work effectively because life in every aspect and in all its myriad manifestations reveals, revels and reverberates with variety.

Also whether global outlook and thinking can ever emerge as an idea, or as a culture or as a psychological attitude or as a social reality and accordingly it has to be implemented because very often good intentions do not get implemented as you cannot push them as another agenda and also they get struck due to excess of exaggerated expectations, in modern times also un wanted excessive publicity along with lack of realization of ground realities.

I have been very badly wanting a global perspective on everything on this planet and written with my limited perceptions and perspectives on many occasions on various issues on this.

My observation if we shift our emphasis from human life centric approach to boundary less or border less humane attitude centric attitude to evolve a lovable life at present with adequate prosperity for all and bequeath a livable planet for posterity

The links to them are given below:-

Can we emerge with a new realization of reality in 2017

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let us promote positivism and stop portraying negativism and victimhood

Let us promote positivism and stop portraying negativism and victimhood.

Reality is reality with all its multiple facets and faces; dimensions and dynamics; polarities and probabilities; positives and negatives; victors and victims and so on.

But reporting of reality is confined to or constricted by perspectives, frames of reference of limited perceptions, populist projections, perverted and preconceived portrayals based on identity affiliation of religion, region, language, ideologies etc.

Even the most beautiful and attractive human physical form do carry some amount of drainage always in it which may get eventually expelled as secretions but to magnify only that through colonoscopy and portray the whole body as carrier of drainage is wrong.

Some people have, more so of late, this tendency to magnify selectively the negatives at the expense of positives and probabilities and promote either intentionally or inadvertently a sort of negative ideological fixation among especially the gullible or vulnerable social media users and spoil their mindset too.

I think it is imperative that at least the so called elders and educated folks look for positives in everything and everywhere [devoid of any religious or ideological fixations] and also impart positive news, positive views, valuable comments and suggestions and create an atmosphere of positive vibes and vibrations.

Every place on the globe has lot of positives and Haryana has many of them.
So, let us not paint a whole state based on a few isolated issues or individuals.

What humanity needs is economic prosperity at present, pride of ancestry, hope for the future created through lovable positivity which must also ensure bequeathing a livable planet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Paradoxes or Polarity

Human Nature: An Evolutionary Paradox

On the whole a very informative, scholarly and thought provoking articles which leads one into various ideas, concepts, emotions, philosophical questions etc

Some Stories from the Bible

Truly and as rightly pointed by the author trying to address present or new problems with old paradigms is by itself a paradox.

For that matter even giving too much of importance to any scripture of any religion as if it is some omniscient search engine or use it as a panacea or even using it to drive any reason or logic in the realm of present day living is again a great paradox.

Neither values nor morals can be downloaded from any scripture but rather they emerge as responses to specific context [they are contextual-{1}]based on inherent attributes, inculcated attitudes which are not wedded to any one particular or specific identity  either regional, cultural, religious, ideological, political, socio-cultural and so on {2} however great or good that may be.


Ethology and evolutionary biology are records of facts of tangible human evolution and therefore always both are interesting and instructive to derive lessons for a better living  of human beings as one among the species with a realization that humans are part of the environment and environment is part of human  species, and based on this understanding to lead a peaceful life as social animals with conscious awareness and greater faculties in some spheres of life to live a lovable life and bequeath  a livable  planet –whose very name has been  coined  wrongly as ‘earth’ when more than 70 percent of it is made of water and all the remaining 30% survives because of sunlight-{3}

On Aggression

But for aggression manifesting in love and passion the world would be a dull place {4}.

However, it must be prevented from becoming violent, disturbing the peace and unity of many and becomes destructive of peace, life of human beings and other species to ensure unity, peace and harmony avoiding wars as much as possible, but  are these possible ,if not why ?{5}.

Paradox or Polarity principle

While paradoxes are well explained and proven and they often contribute to conflicts, confrontations or at least discomforts.

Scientifically we cannot deny the inevitability of polarity principle in many realms of life on the whole {6}.

A mere change in perspective may even enable us see that it is not paradox per se that causes a problem but a negative quality, a relative value {7}.

The greatest and most pleasant paradoxes which have given us the purple pages of past glory pursue our present story and perhaps may safely sail us through into our future without much worry are the on stop churning of evolutionary process {8}.

{1} Morality and Values




{2} Identity

{3} Environment

{4} Passion

{5} Unity, Peace, Harmony and Wars



{6} Polarity principle

Emotions a paradox always why? I felt this last week and wrote a free verse.

{7} Perspective can change many things

{8} The Great leveler Evolutionary trends

Monday, August 15, 2016

India's Gender bias

Suppressing facts, reality and scientific reasoning at the altar of scriptural justifications is in bad taste.

My views are neither right nor left oriented but ambivalent here [because I know some statements are true however the real practices are totally contradictory and hypocritical].

I am neither for or against all tradition but then I am against suppressing facts and reality.

They are not only ambivalent but irritating too because whenever I listen to these types presentations which emphasis justification based on cherry picked scriptures and traditions and totally brush aside facts and reality on ground.

Suppressing facts, reality and scientific reasoning at the altar of scriptural justifications si in bad taste even if spiced with  pleasant tales, appealing anecdotes, usage of logical fallacies either intentionally or unintentionally blunts the enlightened intellectual and social emancipation of human beings based on ground realities.

I feel like telling these people often this, "Don't look for ideas to confirm your thinking, rather look for trends that will disrupt your thinking" - Rich Simmonds.

India and Indians practiced and still practice and probably this is the case in many parts of the world or perhaps all over the world too, but that is not a justification.

With all tall claims and small practices we Indians still treat women badly.

I can give many examples starting from how old widows are left to beg at the banks of Ganges by her own children to weaving multiple taboos around certain mere biological inconveniences.

Prefixing a Gowri to Shankar or Lakshmi to Narayanan or Seetha to Raman in name has not changed the status of or state of treatment to women in many parts of our country.

At various times as reaction I have written about the gender issues and feminism in many places. Here I am giving links to some of them.